weDo/ Professional is a new eco-ethical haircare brand that is on a mission to help people transition to a happier, healthier, & more sustainable lifestyle through acts, not words. weDo/ was created by a small group of people within Wella Company sharing a common passion for sustainability. Coming together to act and push for positive change within the company by challenging traditional processes. Driven by determination, the team co-created with Wella's hairdressers and scientists weDo/ Professional – a new natural brand of which all products are designed to be more eco-ethical, Vegan Society certified, and Cruelty Free International approved while delivering professional performance.


A responsible & holistic brand

Beyond the idea of “natural,” weDo wanted the brand to be as responsible and holistic as possible. They strived to achieve this by not only looking at composition and quality of ingredients but also by looking at packaging sustainability, animal welfare, and overall human impact. This is what weDo mean by eco-ethical.