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Fabriq offers a range of hair care products and treatments designed to transform all hair types into healthy, strong, and easy-to-manage locks. Here are some key features and benefits of their products:

In-Salon Treatments: Fabriq provides in-salon treatments like Quick Fix and Reset, which are formulated to make all hair types strong, shiny, and manageable​.

Unique Protein Blend: Their products contain a unique blend of proteins that repair, strengthen, and transform hair. This blend works with the hair's natural keratin, making it healthier and shinier. The products cater to various hair types, from straight and smooth to naturally curly with excellent definition​.

Reset Treatment: This treatment is personalized to the client's individual hair type, condition, and goals, creating a flawless base for further hair care or styling​.

Aftercare Products: Fabriq offers a range of professional aftercare products that maximize the benefits of in-salon treatments, ensuring long-lasting results​.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Their products feature heat-activated proteins that build extra strength, hydration, and protection during styling​.

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