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Occasion Hair

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress, a beautiful venue, an amazing photographer and now all you need is the hair and make-up to make sure those photos are perfect too.

Every occasion demands a special look and Cats Whiskers Hair Salon is here to make it happen. From the first consultation, through to practice trials and your final look it's a joyful experience.

We want to make sure that your wedding hair not only complements what you will be wearing but, most importantly, your personality. Therefore, we suggest that you book a trial appointment before the day, although we strongly advise a longer process leading up to the wedding so that we can ensure that your hair is in excellent condition and the style and colour are perfect for you. Our prices can be found here.

For large wedding parties a 50% deposit is required.


We also have a wedding accessories ‘dress up’ box so you can experiment with different looks to help you decide!

To give your hair that extra special look we now offer Great Lengths hair extensions. Great Lengths Diamond Thread extensions are also great for wedding and occasion hair. Each extension is threaded with Swarovski crystals to add just a touch of glamour.

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